While the process of developing an event plan is complex enough, in the end, it is the thousands of personnel recruited in the last few months of the project who actually implement these plans.

All the effort during planning can be wasted unless it is leveraged with strategies and programs to train those entrusted to implement the plans on the ground.

CSCs Event Training & Development professionals have absorbed the lessons learned from training many of the largest workforces in the world - including numerous Olympic Games - and applied them to learning and performance solutions in a variety of environments.

Our training team's history of maximizing workforce performance spans five continents, multiple languages, and includes the training of executives, managers, staff, and volunteers in groups numbering tens of thousands.

Our training solutions are designed by professionals who have hands-on experience in major international events. We utilize state-of-the-art learning technologies to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency, which is particularly relevant for fast-growing and diverse event organizations.

CSC understands the dynamics of an event organization's lifecycle, the competencies required through the lifecycle and the most effective methods of building these competencies within an event environment.

Supporting these efforts is the WorldLearn Global Learning Management System (LMS). WorldLearn is a highly scalable, integrated database application that manages and tracks all types of training - from e-Learning courses to traditional classroom training and self-paced study programs. It is this combination of event organization knowledge, proven training expertise and dynamic approach that distinguishes us from traditional training organizations.

To find out more about how CSC's Event Training & Development group can improve the learning and performance of your event organization, please contact us.


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