Commitment to Customer Service

We deliver security operations that are sensitive to customer comfort while still being disciplined about security integrity. We generally take an “in-sourcing” approach to how we deliver our services; allowing customers to perceive us as part of the total facility workforce and not as a separate company.

An essential part of successful security operations is employees who are courteous, amicable and proactive. CSC employees are taught that they may be the first, and sometimes only, impression a guest may have of the event and venue. Our employees are encouraged to be ambassadors and to "meet and greet" each guest.

CSC trains our staff to take the extra step; if they do not have the answer for a guest they will make every effort to quickly find the information through the appropriate channels. Making a connection with guests both enhances the guest experience and makes it easier to control a situation should one arise.

A key principle to our success is the consistent utilization of the same staff at venues and events. This enhances the provision of high level customer service as both the guest and employee gain familiarity with procedures and each other. We also conduct regular quality checks to test our employees on courtesy, responsiveness, facility knowledge and comprehension of training and daily briefings.

Our commitment to excellent customer service is proven by the outstanding security operations performed for a long list of renowned clients. Our unparalleled expertise in customer service is the reason why we have been contracted to deliver the spectator experience for 6 Olympic Games.

We pride ourselves on that quality.


The Leader in Crowd Management