Do crowds move effectively and safely throughout the site? Are all functions performing at the highest level of service? Is everything running on schedule? Are problems and issues resolved quickly?

It is the attention to these types of details of the operation, among many others, that often determines if an event is viewed as a success.

This focus of CSC's Event Planning & Management practice is on the fundamentals and details of the event operation. From venue-specific policies and procedures through to event-wide communications and issue resolution, this group specializes in delivering best-practice solutions for events of all types and sizes.

The services of CSC's Event Planning & Management practice can be a critical ingredient in planning and building an event operation capable of dealing with the inevitable complications that arise prior to and on event day. CSC's Event Planning & Management group has unmatched experience implementing end- to-end projects in the following areas for major event clients around the world.

Event & Venue Operations Management

Event Services

Event Security


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